Best Yet

Every so often I finish a drawing that is the “best thing I’ve ever drawn.”  This is that drawing. For now… 😉


Waiting… waiting… waiting…

While I’m waiting for my .pdf to download so I can work on my next figure drawing, I thought I would upload a figure drawing from last week.

Nupastel. 2011.

I was pretty happy that my drawing finally looked as monochromatic as the example they gave us (and that the dress in my drawing looked as shiny as whatever crazy material the model was wearing in the photo), but looking at it again I think I need to re-photograph this one.  It was dark outside when I finished this drawing so I had to photograph it indoors and it looks a little sad compared to the original…

… But my photo just downloaded so it’s drawing time again!  More to come 🙂


Sometimes, I just wish I had something sugary…. like right now… when I should be working on my figure drawing homework!  … But, since I have none of the above, I decided to sketch it instead 😉

I think I like the style this ended up being, even if the character doesn’t look much like me.  I’ll have to experiment with drawing some more people this way… it reminds me of something, but I can’t think of what!  But, at least for now it will have to remain a mystery because I need to get back to work.

Thanks for checking out my drawings!

Figure Drawings

It’s been a really long time!  Lots of exciting things have happened though: school started, my computer died, I got a full time job, and I’ve done a bunch of new drawings! (At least I was productive, right?)

These are from class:

Nupastel. 2011.

Nupastel. 2011.

Nupastel 2011. Not my favorite.

Nupastel. 2011.

I hate that third drawing… but I’m not sure any more if there is something off in my drawing or it just looks weird because of the bizarre way the model decided to stand.  But, it seems like over all these have been improving so I’m happy for now :).

More to come!

Work in Progress…

Work in Progress 2011

My original plan was to color this sketch and post it for the Illustration Friday topic “swell” … but painting is taking a lot longer (and requires a lot more “undoing”) than I thought it would, so I haven’t finished coloring this yet.  But, since I haven’t posted anything in a few days, I thought I would upload the line drawing as a “Work in Progress.”

This drawing is for Mom! When we were little, my twin sister and I liked to ask our Mom if we could “style” her hair.  We were four, so a good hair style meant getting out the container of hair clips, rubber bands, bobby pins, and other hair-do things and putting as many of them as possible on Mom’s head.  We told Mom we were making her hair beautiful before she went to work (and plastic hair clips are beautiful, so you should really wear as many of them as possible).

For this drawing, I was trying out a cartoon-y style of drawing, maybe something you would find in a children’s book.  I want to have some variety in my portfolio, so I thought I would try something different. Hope you like it!

That’s all for now! Thanks for checking out my work!

This might be a character design…

Digital. 2011.

I’m trying to build up my portfolio with more professional-related work. So, since I’m interested in concept art, I decided to try my hand at character design… and for some reason “pirate” was my first idea.

I think there’s still a lot of room for improvement here, but I am pretty happy with it for a first-try, so I decided to post it 🙂


I changed the theme back to what it was before. I realized that I liked this theme, I just hated my header image. I’ll start working on a new one :).

Though now that I’ve changed the theme back and removed the header image, do you see those light and dark grey smudges in the header area? Those end up on top of the header image, so finding a way to design around them will be interesting!